Fresh Juices

Small: £3.5 | Medium: £4 | Large: £4.5

1. GINGER & LIME: ginger lime orange apple

2. VITAMIN C BOOSTER: ginger orange carrot

3. APPLE ZING: ginger apple carrot

4. CLASSIC ZING: ginger apple orange carrot

5. IMMUNITY: ginger lime beet kiwi carrot orange

6. BLOODY ORANGE: ginger beetroot apple orange

7. PRIME COOLER: ginger cucumber apple orange

8. COOL AND SPICY: ginger pear orange apple

9. ROBUST: ginger beetroot celery carrot

10. ABC & G: ginger beetroot carrot apple

11. 3C & G: ginger cucumber celery carrot

12. DETOX ZINGER: ginger lime cucumber celery app

13. LIQUID LUNCH: cucumber celery carrot apple

14. ABC: beetroot apple carrot

15. BEET BASIC: beetroot apple carrot orange

16. RE-BOOT: beetroot cucumber celery carrot

17. FRESH AND FRUITY: kiwi pear orange apple

18. CHOLESTEROL BUSTER: kiwi pear celery apple

19. COOLER: kiwi lime cucumber pear app

20. CLASSIC: orange carrot apple

Fruit Smoothies

Medium: £4.5 | Large: £5

21. APPLEBERRY: strawberry banana apple

22. BERRY GOOD: strawberry blueberry raspb banana apple

23. SILKY: strawberry mango banana apple

24. HAWAIN: strawberry pineapple orange app

25. TROPICAL STORM: banana pineapple orange apple

26. POWER PACK: lime kiwi strawberry mango orange app

27. FRESH START: mango pineapple blueb orange app

28. BLUE BANANA: blueberry banana mango orange apple

29. FRUITY SUPREME: mango pineapple strawberry pear apple

30. POWER FRUITS: kiwi banana pineapple strawberry apple

31. FRUIT DELIGHT: pineapple mango banana orange apple

Fruity Greens

Medium: £4.5 | Large: £5

32. LEAN & MEAN: ginger kale spinach cucumber celery apple
33. GREEN FUEL: spinach mint parsley avocado apple
34. RE-SET: ginger lime fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple
35. GREEN DELIGHT: spinach mint parsley avocado cucumber celery apple
36. RED ZING: ginger beetroot cucumber celery kale orange apple
37. RED ACTIVE: beetroot avocado cucumber celery spinach apple
38. MINTY: broccoli spinach parsley mint pear apple
39. PURIFY: kiwi fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple
40. ESSENTIALS: ginger mint pear broccoli kale carrot apple
41. BALANCED: mango banana spinach kale cucumber celery apple
42. SWEET GREEN: pine strawberry mint spinach parsley apple
43. BERRY GREEN: broccoli blueberry strawberry raspberry kale apple
44. DENSE GREEN: avocado banana spinach parsley mint apple
45. COOL START: ginger mint pineapple spinach celery cucumber orange

Pure Greens

Medium: £5 | Large: £5.5

46. DETOX: spinach parsley kale cucumber celery
47. SILKY GREEN: spinach parsley kale mint avocado cucumber celery
48. GREEN ZING: ginger fennel spinach broccoli cucumber celery
49. CLEANSE: broccoli mint parsley lime cucumber celery
50. GREEN BEET: ginger beetroot kale spinach cucumber celery
51. ALKALINE: broccoli spinach kale avocado  cucumber celery
52. EXTREME: spirulina spinach kale broccoli lime celery cucumber
53. MINTY COCO: mint parsley spinach celery cucumber coconut w.
54. FIT BEET: spirulina beet ginger avocado kale spinach celery cucumber carrot
55. HARDCORE: matcha spirulina ginger spinach kale cucumber celery

Breakfast Smoothies

Medium: £4.5 | Large: £5

56. GREEN START: spinach parsley mint avocado apple oats
57. BERRY MORNING: strawberry blueberry raspberry banana apple oats
58. JUMP START: mango pineapple strawberry apple oats
59. ENERGIZED: beetroot avocado ginger celery cucumber apple oats
60. AVO LUNCH: avocado mint lime spinach pineapple apple oats
61. BLUE CARROT: lime blueberry pineapple spinach carrot oats
62. FIT START: spinach kale pineapple banana apple oats
63. HOUSE SPECIAL: dates banana flax-seed blueberry granola milk/apple
64. SEEDY BANANA: seeds dates banana agave yogurt milk oats


Medium: £5 | Large: £5.5

65. HANGOVER BUSTER: coconut water blueberry banana agave cinnamon apple oats

66. ACAI MORNING: acai mango banana apple oats

67. ACAI +: acai peanut butter banana pear apple oats

68. ALL DAY: peanut butter banana dates protein oats milk

Super-food Smoothies

Includes a Free Booster

Medium: £5.5 | Large: £6

69. ACAI: acai mango banana apple
70. GREEN ACAI: acai spinach kale cucumber celery apple
71. INDULGE: acai peanut butter mango banana apple
72. BERRY ACAI: acai strawberries blueberry raspberry apple
73. FAT BURNER: matcha spinach kale cucumber celery apple
74. NIGHT NURSE: acerola echinacea ginger kiwi orange apple
75. CACAO FUN: cacao cinnamon banana mango mint apple
76. ANTIOXIDANT FUN: cacao banana strawberry raspberry blueberry apple
77. HYDRATE WELL: coconut water spinach pineapple avocado apple
78. RED COCO: coconut water beetroot avocado kale cucumber celery agave
79. RECOVERY: coconut water acerola spinach blueberry apple
80. NUTTY SEEDS: seeds peanut butter banana pear apple
81. HEARTY GREEN: spirulina kale spinach parsley cucumber celery apple
82. GREEN BURST: spirulina ginger avocado spinach kale cucumber celery apple

Protein Shakes

Medium: £5 | Large: £5.5

85. BERRY PRO: raspberry blueberry strawberry banana apple whey/hemp
86. ACAI: acai mango banana apple whey/hemp
GREEN: kale spinach avocado celery cucumber apple whey/hemp
87. RED: beetroot cucumber celery pear app whey/hemp
88. COCO: pine spinach blueberry coco apple whey/hemp
89. MILKY: banana peanut butter seeds milk whey/hemp

  • Choose from Whey or Hemp protein

Milk Shakes

Medium: £4.5 | Large: £5

91. FRUITY & MILKY: ice-cream banana mango strawberry milk
92. TILL DINNER: ice-cream peanut butter banana honey milk
93. BERRY NICE: ice-cream strawberry blueberry raspberry milk
94. CHOCOLATE HEAVEN: ice-cream chocolate banana honey milk
95. BERRY CRUSH: ice-cream yogurt strawberry blueberry raspberry cinnamon milk        
96. FRUITY ICE: ice-cream mango pineapple blueberry milk


From: £2







Aloevera   Baobab
Bee pollen   Camu   Cayenne
Chia Seeds   Chlorella   Creatine
Coconut Oil   Echinacea   Ginseng
Flax seeds   Guarana   Goji berries
Hemp    Matcha   Raw Cacao
Spirulina   Turmeric

Substitutions may be charged accordingly.


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