We source superfoods from all around the world; blended with fruits and vegetables.

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69. ACAI                                  acai mango banana apple

70. RAINFOREST                    acai spinach kale cu celery apple

71. INDULGE                           acai peanut butter mango banana apple

72. BERRY ACAI                      acai strawberries blueberry raspberry apple

73. FAT BURNER                     matcha spinach kale cucumber celery apple

74. NIGHT NURSE                   acerola echinacea ginger kiwi orange apple

75. CACAO FUN                      cacao cinnamon banana mango mint apple

76. ANTIOXIDANT FUN         cacao banana strawberry raspberry blueberry apple

77. HYDRATE WELL                coconut water spinach pineapple avocado apple                 

78. RED COCO                         coconut water beet avocado kale cucumber celery agave

79. RECOVERY                        coconut water acerola spinach blueberry apple

80. NUTTY SEEDS                   seeds peanut butter banana pear apple

81. HEARTY GREEN                spirulina kale spinach parsley cucumber celery apple

82. GREEN BURST                   spirulina ginger avocado spinach kale cu celery apple

83. PH +                                    wheat grass broccoli kale cucumber celery apple

84. MEAN GREEN                   wheat grass spirulina broccoli spinach kale apple

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