Vegetable only: no fruit at all. May taste earthy but full of goodness.


PURE GREENS       med: £4.5  large: £


46. DETOX                      spinach parsley kale cucumber celery

47. SILKY GREEN               spinach parsley kale mint avocado cucumber celery

48. GREEN ZING                ginger fennel spinach broccoli cucumber celery

49. CLEANSE                      broccoli mint parsley lime cucumber celery

50. GREEN BEET                ginger beetroot kale spinach cucumber celery

51. ALKALINE                     broccoli spinach kale avocado  cucumber celery

52. EXTREME                     spirulina spinach kale brocc lime celery cucumber

53. MINTY COCO              mint parsley spinach celery cucumber coconut w.

54. FIT BEET                       spirulina beet ginger avo kale spinach celery cucumber carrot

55. HARD CORE                 matcha spirulina ginger spinach kale cucumber celery



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