We juice all the fruit and vegetables; nothing blended.

JUICES               small: £3     med: £3.5   large: £4

  1. GINGER & LIME                                  ginger lime orange apple
  2. VITAMIN C BOOSTER                        ginger orange carrot
  3. APPLE ZING                                         ginger apple carrot
  4. CLASSIC ZING                                      ginger apple orange carrot
  5. IMMUNITY                                           ginger lime beet kiwi carrot orange
  6. BLOODY ORANGE                                  ginger beetroot apple orange
  7. PRIME COOLER                                  ginger cucumber apple orange
  8. COOL AND SPICY                                ginger pear orange apple
  9. ROBUST                                                  ginger beetroot celery carrot
  10. ABC & G                                                  ginger beetroot carrot apple
  11. 3C & G                                                  ginger cucumber celery carrot
  12. DETOX ZINGER                                   ginger lime cucumber celery app
  13. LIQUID LUNCH                                     cucumber celery carrot apple
  14. ABC                                                       beetroot apple carrot
  15. BEET BASIC                                          beetroot apple carrot orange
  16. RE-BOOT                                                 beetroot cucumber celery carrot
  17. FRESH AND FRUITY                                kiwi pear orange apple
  18. CHOLESTEROL BUSTER                      kiwi pear celery apple
  19. COOLER                                                  kiwi lime cucumber pear app
  20. CLASSIC                                                 orange carrot apple



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