Fruits and greens blended or juiced together to create nice taste and still have all the nutrition.

FRUITY GREENS          med: £4  large: £4.5

32. LEAN & MEAN                            ginger kale spinach cucumber celery app

33. GREEN FUEL                            spinach mint parsley avocado apple

34. RE-SET                                      ginger lime fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple

35. GREEN DELIGHT                     spinach mint parsley avocado cucumber celery apple

36. RED ZING                                 ginger beetroot cucumber celery kale orange apple

37. RED ACTIVE                             beetroot avocado cucumber celery spinach apple

38. MINTY                                      broccoli spinach parsley mint pear apple

39. PURIFY                                     kiwi fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple

40. ESSENTIALS                             ginger mint pear broccoli kale carrot apple

41. BALANCED                               mango banana spinach kale cucumber celery apple

42. SWEET GREEN                          pine strawberry mint spinach parsley apple

43. BERRY GREEN                         broccoli blueberry strawberry raspberry kale apple

44. DENSE GREEN                        avocado banana spinach parsley mint apple

45. COOL START                           ginger mint pineapple spinach celery cucumber orange


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