BREAKFAST SMOOTHIES            med: £4    large: £4.5

      56. GREEN START                   spinach parsley mint avocado apple oat

       57. BERRY MORNING              strawberries blueb raspb banana apple oat

       58. JUMP START                       mango pineapple strawb apple oat

       59. ENERGIZED                      beetroot avocado ginger celery cucumber app oat 

      60. AVO LUNCH                          avocado mint lime spinach pine app oat

        61. BLUE CARROT                        lime blueb pine spinach carrot oat

        62. FIT START                                spinach kale pine banana app oat

        63. HOUSE SPECIAL                      dates banana linseed bb granola milk/apple

        64. SEEDY BANANA                     seeds dates banana agave yoghurt oat milk

                                                                         med: £4.   large: £5

        65. HANGOVER BUSTER              coconut w. bb banana agave cinnamon apple oat

        66. ACAI MORNING                     acai mango banana apple oat

        67. ACAI +                                      acai peanut butter banana pear apple oat

        68. ALL DAY                                   peanut butter banana dates protein oat milk.

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