JUICES               small: £3     med: £3.5   large: £4

  1. GINGER & LIME                                  ginger lime orange apple
  2. VITAMIN C BOOSTER                         ginger orange carrot
  3. APPLE ZING                                          ginger apple carrot
  4. CLASSIC ZING                                      ginger apple orange carrot
  5. IMMUNITY                                           ginger lime beet kiwi carrot orange
  6. BLOODY ORANGE                                  ginger beetroot apple orange
  7. PRIME COOLER                                  ginger cucumber apple orange
  8. COOL AND SPICY                                ginger pear orange apple
  9. ROBUST                                                 ginger beetroot celery carrot
  10. ABC & G                                                 ginger beetroot carrot apple
  11. 3C & G                                                 ginger cucumber celery carrot
  12. DETOX ZINGER                                   ginger lime cucumber celery app
  13. LIQUID LUNCH                                    cucumber celery carrot apple
  14. ABC                                                      beetroot apple carrot
  15. BEET BASIC                                         beetroot apple carrot orange
  16. RE-BOOT                                               beetroot cucumber celery carrot
  17. FRESH AND FRUITY                             kiwi pear orange apple
  18. CHOLESTEROL BUSTER                    kiwi pear celery apple
  19. COOLER                                               kiwi lime cucumber pear app
  20. CLASSIC                                              orange carrot apple


FRUIT SMOOTHIES      small: £3.5 med: £4 large: £4.5

  1. APPLEBERRY                          strawberry banana apple
  2. BERRY GOOD                         strawberry blueberry raspb banana apple
  3. SILKY                                        strawberry mango banana apple
  4. HAWAIN                                  strawberry pineapple orange app
  5. TROPICAL STORM                 banana pineapple orange apple
  6. POWER PACK                         lime kiwi strawberry mango orange app
  7. FRESH START                          mango pineapple blueb orange app
  8. BLUE BANANA                          blueberry banana mango orange apple
  9. FRUITY SUPREME                  mango pineapple strawberry pear apple
  10. POWER FRUITS                      kiwi banana pineapple strawberry apple
  11. FRUIT DELIGHT                         pineapple mango banana orange apple


FRUITY GREENS          med: £4    large: £4.5

  1. LEAN & MEAN                          ginger kale spinach cucumber celery apple
  2. GREEN FUEL                            spinach mint parsley avocado apple
  3. RE-SET                                      ginger lime fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple
  4. GREEN DELIGHT                     spinach mint parsley avocado cucumber celery apple
  5. RED ZING                                 ginger beetroot cucumber celery kale orange apple
  6. RED ACTIVE                             beetroot avocado cucumber celery spinach apple
  7. MINTY                                      broccoli spinach parsley mint pear apple
  8. PURIFY                                     kiwi fennel kale spinach cucumber celery apple
  9. ESSENTIALS                            ginger mint pear broccoli kale carrot apple
  10. BALANCED                              mango banana spinach kale cucumber celery apple
  11. SWEET GREEN                         pine strawberry mint spinach parsley apple
  12. BERRY GREEN                         broccoli blueberry strawberry raspberry kale apple
  13. DENSE GREEN                        avocado banana spinach parsley mint apple
  14. COOL START                           ginger mint pineapple spinach celery cucumber orange


PURE GREENS         med: £4.       large: £5


  1. DETOX                          spinach parsley kale cucumber celery
  2. SILKY GREEN                spinach parsley kale mint avocado cucumber celery
  3. GREEN ZING                 ginger fennel spinach broccoli cucumber celery
  4. CLEANSE                       broccoli mint parsley lime cucumber celery
  5. GREEN BEET                 ginger beetroot kale spinach cucumber celery
  6. ALKALINE                     broccoli spinach kale avocado  cucumber celery
  7. EXTREME                     spirulina spinach kale brocc lime celery cucumber
  8. MINTY COCO              mint parsley spinach celery cucumber coconut w.
  9. FIT BEET                       spirulina beet ginger avo kale spinach celery cucumber carrot
  10. HARDCORE                    matcha spirulina ginger spinach kale cucumber celery


BREAKFAST SMOOTHIES            med: £   large: £4.5

  1. GREEN START                         spinach parsley mint avocado apple oat
  2. BERRY MORNING                   strawberries blueb raspb banana apple oat
  3. JUMP START                            mango pineapple strawb apple oat
  4. ENERGIZED                              beetroot avocado ginger celery cucumber app oat
  5. AVO LUNCH                            avocado mint lime spinach pine app oat
  6. BLUE CARROT                         lime blueb pine spinach carrot oat
  7. FIT START                                spinach kale pine banana app oat
  8. HOUSE SPECIAL                      dates banana linseed bb granola milk/apple
  9. SEEDY BANANA                     seeds dates banana agave yoghurt oat milk

                             med: £4.   large: £5

  1. HANGOVER BUSTER              coconut w. bb banana agave cinnamon apple oat
  2. ACAI MORNING                     acai mango banana apple oat
  3. ACAI +                                     acai peanut butter banana pear apple oat
  4. ALL DAY                                  peanut butter banana dates protein oat milk






SUPER FOOD SMOOTHIES         med: £5    large: £5.5


  1. ACAI                            acai mango banana apple
  2. RAINFOREST               acai spinach kale cu celery apple
  3. INDULGE                     acai peanut butter mango banana apple
  4. BERRY ACAI                acai strawberries blueberry raspberry apple
  5. FAT BURNER               matcha spinach kale cucumber celery apple
  6. NIGHT NURSE             acerola echinacea ginger kiwi orange apple
  7. CACAO FUN                cacao cinnamon banana mango mint apple
  8. ANTIOXIDANT FUN    cacao banana strawberry raspberry blueberry apple
  9. HYDRATE WELL          coconut water spinach pineapple avocado apple                 
  10. RED COCO                    coconut water beet avocado kale cucumber celery agave
  11. RECOVERY                   coconut water acerola spinach blueberry apple
  12. NUTTY SEEDS              seeds peanut butter banana pear apple
  13. HEARTY GREEN          spirulina kale spinach parsley cucumber celery apple
  14. GREEN BURST             spirulina ginger avocado spinach kale cu celery apple
  15. PH +                              wheat grass broccoli kale cucumber celery apple
  16. MEAN GREEN             wheat grass spirulina broccoli spinach kale apple


PROTEIN SHAKES                     med: £4.5  large: £5


Please choose whey or hemp protein.

  1. BERRY PRO                 raspberry blueberry strawberry banana apple whey/hemp
  2. ACAI                            acai mango banana apple whey/hemp
  3. GREEN                         kale spinach avocado celery cucumber apple whey/hemp
  4. RED                             beetroot cucumber celery pear app whey/hemp
  5. COCO                          pine spinach blueberry coco apple whey/hemp
  6. MILKY                          banana peanut butter seeds milk whey/hemp


MILK SHAKES                    med: £4.5  large: £5

semi skimmed, rice, soya, almond

  1. FRUITY & MILKY                 ice-cream banana mango strawb milk
  2. TILL DINNER                         ice-cream peanut butter banana honey milk
  3. BERRY NICE                          ice-cream strawb blueberry raspberry milk
  4. CHOCOLATE HEAVEN         ice-cream chocolate banana honey milk
  5. BERRY CRUSH                      ice-cream yoghurt strawb blueb raspb cinnamon milk        
  6. FRUITY ICE                            ice-cream mango pineapple blueberry milk                         




Detox your body and lose weight at the same time.


We all know this is not easy as it sounds and we wouldn’t like to push you into deep end straight away; before you start any of these programs, at least couple of days, we strongly suggest you to stop taking sugar, salt, tea, coffee, alcohol etc. to prepare your body to prevent any dizziness, headache, tummy ache and so on.  


We believe that every single person has different needs in their daily life and diet. That is why we offer programs designed for your needs rather than off the shelf internet programs same for everyone else.



Please talk to our staff; each program designed specially to your needs or  you can choose one of the following set programs which contains these 5 juices for one day.

(no.16: re-boot) + (no.35: green delight) + (no.46:detox) + (no.59:energized) + (no.69:acai)


Or you can make your own selection of 5 juices daily from our list of 96 different options. Choice is yours....


1.   One day: 5 of 500ml                     £20

2.   Three days:  3 x (5 of 500ml)       £60

3.   Five days: 5 x (5 of 500ml )           £90

4.   Seven days: 7 x (5 of 500ml )        £130






Ginger £2

Wheat Grass £2

Ginger + Beetroot £3

Cayenne + Ginger + Lemon £3

Celery + Kale + Hemp £3

Wheat grass + Ginger + Beet £4

Spriluna + Wh Grass + Orange £4



BOOSTERS         £1

Aloe vera                     Baobab                        Bee pollen

Camu                           Cayenne                      Chia seeds

Chlorella                     Creatine                      Coconut oil

Echinacea                    Ginseng                       Flax seeds

Guarana                      Goji berries                 Hemp 

Matcha                        Raw cacao                   Spirulina


If you have any queries, please contact us:




Or use our contact form.

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